Once upon a time there was a dream inside of your heart.
It floated around until you pushed it aside to carry on with life.
Life followed time and time went by. Then one day you felt a nudge in your heart.
"nudge, nudge!"
What is it? You took a moment and listened to the nudge...
It was your dream from a life time ago saying, "Listen, I think it's about time you took notice of me."
Did you take notice? Is that why you're here?

That's why we are here ... to take what your dream is saying and make it a reality.


There are many steps to follow before you make your first sale. We can help you with a few of these items but some are up to you…

A rose by any other name...

Don't just choose the first name that comes into your head. Write down at least 10 choices and ask a friend which they prefer. This name will stick as long as your business lasts.

With the government

This is important as this is how you'll get tax back! Jokes aside, we can help you register for a small fee of R500 which includes all Gov charges.

Neat, modern & suitable

A good logo stands out in any colour, and should always look good in b&w. We have desinged many logos, it's one of our favourite things to do.

In the beginning

To get your product/service known to as many people as possible. Social media and word of mouth are great tools to help you blossom.

& be BOLD

Don't wait too long. If you have the idea, so does somebody else. That's how it works!

Here's what you'll get


4 different designs to choose from

business cards

and other stationery ... including envelopes and a letterhead


we will design a responsive, SEO friendly website for you.

domain & email

we will register your domain and set up your email


we will host your email and website for you

stock images

we will provide images if you do not have any of good quality


your website will include basic seo

social media

we will start any social media pages for you that you are interested in joining.

  • Added bonus – if you are not already registered with CIPC, we will do it for you!


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  — Albert Schweitzer

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